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Renel's Skills

Renel is not just a talented and experienced actress, she also excels in belly dancing and has danced in Christmas shows. On top of this Renel has a wonderful singing talent and with her soprano voice and Grade 3 pop degree she can tackle any vocal challenge. Growing up around horses, and owning one, Renel has natural equine abilities and is a skilled horse rider. As an EU passport and international driving license holder Renel can work and travel Europe-wide. Kung Fu, Tai Chi are all strings to Renel’s bow and complement her eight years of experience in Hatha yoga


All of these skills and talents make Renel the perfect choice for acting roles in a drama or action movie, while her unique look also lends itself to old fashioned movies such as popular dramas including The Crown or the Boleyn Girls. 

Key Skills

Sizing: 5' 2" (1.6 M) / 57 kg (126 lb), Bust: 35", Waist: 40"

Look: Mediterranean  Playing Age: 18-30

Play Type: Professional, Wholesome, Geeky, Posh, Intellectual

Accents: General American, British, Arabic, Italian

Languages: English, Greek
Renel Kiriakos Headshot.jpg

Renel Kiriakos

is an actress with a unique mediterranean look. 

     Horse Riding / Belly Dancing / Grade 3 Soprano / Yoga

Key Stats

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